EMC Offers Online File Sharing With On-Premise Storage Product


For IT and the organizations it represents, this trend presents a host of difficulties--some of them obvious, like security, data loss prevention and compliance issues--and some of them perhaps less so, like version control. With more than 10,000 laws in the U.S. alone that specify retention of different kinds of records, an inability to track documents, access them, put holds on them and expire them could present an enormous risk to the enterprise.

EMC Says Syncplicity Provides Flexibility and Control

And that's where EMC sees opportunity with its on-premise solution. It wants to provide enterprises with the best of both worlds: a cloud-based online file-sharing solution that simplifies end user deployment and administration with on-premise storage that gives IT control of the storage layer.

In some ways, Patel says, EMC's solution is even more easy to use than the consumer-grade alternatives. For instance, if you use Dropbox, the only files that you can sync to online are the ones located in your Dropbox folder. Syncplicity allows you to share any file or folder on your computer simply by right-clicking on it.

"With Syncplicity, a key benefit and value is there is no extra step," he says. "You can take any folder in your files and right-click on it to make it Syncplicity-enabled, no extra step required. It is as easy for you to share information in Syncplicity as it is to share photos in FacebookFacebook. On average, we have anywhere between 4,000 and 8,000 files managed per user." Alles zu Facebook auf CIO.de

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