EMC Offers Online File Sharing With On-Premise Storage Product


For IT, Syncplicity is focusing on reporting capabilities, especially the ability to track active use, perform auditing and chargeback.

"We have our first reporting tool that should be coming out shortly in the next few weeks," Patel says. "You can import reports into your own reporting tool or Excel or what have you. We will continue to add more and more reports as time goes on. We have a very rich set of data that is being captured."

Additionally, with the EMC solution, data objects stored on premise remain on premise and within IT control. Files are not duplicated in the cloud, so they remain subject to IT security governance and protection policies.

"The one-two punch of EMC Isilon and Syncplicity applies industry-leading scalability to next-generation file management, giving IT unprecedented ability to serve user needs for file access, sharing and collaboration," says Sam Grocott, vice president of product management and product marketing for EMC Isilon.

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