Emergence of Supply Chain Execution Platforms

Auch der Bereich SCM wurde von der Krise nicht verschont. In der Folge konzentrieren sich die Angebote an Dienstleistungen und Plattformen jetzt auf die tatsächlichen Probleme, so die Yankee Group.

Few would doubt that we´ve experienced a significant BtoB meltdown recently. Though investors are licking their wounds, the BtoB solution shakeout is actually a positive development for corporations evaluating their BtoB strategies. Gone are messages about reinventing the way we do business in the new economy. In their place are messages that hit closer to home: technology that allows corporations to work within the confines of the way they do business today to address fundamental problems of customer responsiveness and inventory glut. With the broader economy slowing, these messages become even more important to corporate IT buyers who have quickly become very risk-averse. In this environment, technologies that focus on helping companies reduce inventory and gain visibility into the processes--both internal and external--of buying, delivering, and selling products will begin to dominate. We´re defining this category of solutions as "supply chain execution platforms (SCEPs)". SCEP solution providers--some new, some reinvented, some old but with new messages or names--go by a variety of labels in the market today, most commonly supply chain visibility or event management. Regardless of the name, the emphasis is on working within existing business structures--not tearing them apart--to address how products are bought, sold, and delivered. This Report examines the current climate generating demand for execution platforms and the various vendors approaching the opportunity.
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