EXCLUSIVE: How $4500 grew ... and grew ... and grew


Sharon continues, "To me, this says you are doing really well, you have achieved."

Odria, WhiteGold's sales director, says,"It gives us a whole new team, a family we can interact with."

Sharon: "Yes, now we've got a bigger extended family."

Dominic: "It's like we've called in a really, really big brother to help us out." They all smile at that.

What they all also emphasise is that day-to-day they will be doing exactly what they have always done and so will everybody else in the company. The deal does mean the end of the WhiteGold name early next year but other than that they are quick to stress the autonomy they have been handed by Exclusive Networks Group and the importance of not selling a majority share to a company that wouldn't allow them to still do what they do best.

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