Eyefi's Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards just got even more convenient

Eyefi just released a new Wi-Fi-enabled SD card called the Mobi Pro. As with other Eyefi cards, the Mobi Pro is a great choice for anyone who needs a way to transfer photos to their PC without wires or the hassle of an SD card reader. Eyefi's latest addition offers 32GB of onboard storage at class 10 speeds , along with a few clamored-for niceties for photographers on the go.

The new card offers RAW file transfers--an important feature that we've seen before but doesn't come on all Eyefi cards. The new Mobi Pro can also connect to a local Wi-Fi network as opposed to only supporting device-to-device connections.

The final big feature for the Mobi Pro is the ability to selectively sync photos to your PC or mobile phone. Previously, Eyefi cards allowed you to sync everything at once or nothing at all.

The downside of the new Eyefi selective sync is that it's a serious hack. Any photos you want to single out for sync first have to be marked as write protected on your digital camera. Depending on your camera's UI, that could be a real pain.

The impact on you at home: The new Mobi Pro is available now for $100, which is a pretty expensive price for 32GB of SD storage. It's for an extremely fancy SD card of course, and also includes a year's subscription to Eyefi Cloud--the company's $50 per year cloud storage service. The Eyefi isn't an ideal choice for everyone, but if your PC lacks an SD card reader or you want to view your photos on a laptop or tablet while in the field, these cards can come in handy.


Ian Paul

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