Fallout 3 ships 4.7 million, earns $300 million in sales

Bethesda Softworks announced Thursday that post-Apocalyptic shooter RPG Fallout 3 has shipped 4.7 million units since launch, to the tune of US$300 million in sales.

The news comes as no surprise, given the critical acclaim this title has secured in the gamin press so far. Still, that's a lot of bottle caps, no matter how you slice it up with V.A.T.S.

GamePro's own Cameron Lewis gushed openly over the title in our , saying "[Fallout 3] might just be the best console RPG of all time. It's deep, complex and tremendously addictive. From the amazing character development system to the engaging and satisfying combat, Fallout 3 has everything you could want in an RPG experience. Play this game. Seriously. Do it."

Fallout 3 launched for PC, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 on October 28 in North America. It will launch in Japan on December 4.

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