Finally, a Real Return on Security Spending

Von Scott Berinato
Sicherheitsmaßnahmen sind schwer zu verkaufen. Es fehlt an Daten, mit denen sich untermauern lässt, dass sichernde Vorkehrungen sich auszahlen. Drei amerikanische Universitäten liefern nun Belege für den "Return On Security Investment" (ROSI).

Quelle: CIO USA

You need fire sprinklers. Obvious advice, maybe, but once upon a timefire sprinklers were considered a waste of money. In fact, in 1882,sprinklers were considered to be as dubious an investment asinformation security is today.

That's why George Parmalee, in March of that year, set a Bolton,England, cotton spinning factory on fire. In 90 seconds, flames andbillows of thick black smoke engulfed the mill. After two minutes, 32automatic sprinklers kicked in and extinguished the fire.

It was a sales pitch. Parmalee's brother Henry had recently patentedthe sprinklers and George hoped the demonstration would inspireBritain's mill ownersmany of whom came to watchto invest in hisbrother's new form of security.

But they didn't. "It was slow work getting sprinklers established inthis country," wrote Sir John Wormald, a witness to the conflagration.Only a score of factories bought the devices over the nexttwo years.

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