Get ready for Windows Insider 'Threshold 2' beta builds

In a short post on the Neowin forums in the leaks-like-a-sieve thread, (presumably) Chinese leaker Faikee made an interesting observation:

A quick check of the Windows Feedback app (Start, All Apps, Windows Feedback) confirms the observation. Take a look -- and while you’re there, “Upvote” anything that still concerns you. Microsoft’s removed all the comments posted before Windows 10 build 10240/RTM hit the ether.

Microsoft told us the sweep was coming. Back on July 28, the Windows Insider Hub announced:

The fact that Microsoft waited a couple of weeks to clear out the old stuff certainly indicates something's stirring. Whether that something is an imminent release of a TH2 fast track build is hard to say. (To install the Insider Hub, click Start, Settings, System, Apps & Features, Manage Optional Features, then at the top click Add a Feature. Click Insider Hub, then Install.)

If you have a spare machine that you’re willing to sacrifice to the TH2 gods -- Threshold 2 being the Service Pack 1 analog expected in October -- you might want to get that machine set up to receive beta builds in the new post-Windows era (er, post-Windows-10 era).

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Make sure you have Windows 10 up to date. (Start, Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Check for Updates). You may not have KB 3081438 installed yet. Get everything installed and reboot, if necessary.

Step 2. Tell Windows that you want to receive beta builds. (Start, Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Advanced Options). At the bottom of the pane, under Get Insider builds, click the button marked Get started.

Windows warns that “You will be installing pre-release software and services that might not be fully tested.” Click DUH, or Next, your choice. Windows then warns -- rightfully -- that “If you ever want to stop receiving Insider builds you may need to remove everything from your PC and reinstall Windows.” Consider, then click Confirm.

Step 3. Reboot. It’s part of the process.

Step 4. They don’t warn you about this in the dialogs, but when Windows comes back up for air, click Start, Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Advanced Options. Then at the bottom under Get Insider builds, choose Fast, so you can get the new beta builds as soon as they’re released to Windows Insiders. (You can keep it on Slow if you like, but where’s the testing fun in that)

Then keep your fingers crossed. It’s going to be very interesting to see what new features are in store for Windows 10 Service Pack 1. Or whatever they call it.


Woody Leonhard

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