Getting a Grip on CRM

Von Grant Buckler
Ein Großteil der angestrebten CRM-Projekte schlägt fehl - Gründe dafür gibt es viele. Doch was zeichnet die 25 Prozent der geglückten Initiativen aus?

Quelle: CIO Canada

For all its promise, the record on customer relationship management isnot encouraging. CRMCRM is supposed to help businesses retain customers,increase revenues and spend their money more wisely. The unfortunatetruth, however, is that more CRM projects fail than succeed. Alles zu CRM auf

Laura Pollard, president of the Customer Relationship ManagementAssociation of Canada, says reports indicate that CRM failure ratesare between 60 and 80 per cent, adding that she believes the 60 percent figure is low. Failure rates in that range, combined withE-Search Canada projections of CRM spending in 2003, suggest that from$628 million to $838 million will be lost next year on failed CRMinitiatives.

So why the failures? Or to look at it a little more positively, whythe successes? What are those organizations that have managed tosucceed at CRM doing differently?

To find out at least a few of the answers to these questions, wetalked to several IT executives at Canadian companies whose CRMprojects have stayed on the rails so far at least. Their experiencessuggest some factors that may help determine whether CRM delivers onits promise or becomes an expensive disappointment.

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