Giffgaff to add 4G at no extra cost: Switches and upgrades goodybags

Virtual mobile network Giffgaff has announced that it will upgrade its tariffs to 4G broadband at no extra cost for its customers.

Although Giffgaff has offered the faster download and upload speeds of 4G LTE on its network for a while, customers have had to pay extra for the privilege. Giffgaff will make the change on 2 September but the goodybags on offer will change slightly.

The firm will also start making 4G available to pay as you go customers from this date, but it will take until mid-October to complete the process. Gigabags, for tablets, will also be upgraded to 4G for free. See also: Tesco Mobile makes 4G mobile broadband free.

"We've had some helpful feedback from our members about 4G and sprucing up our offer. As a result we are upgrading our service to include 4G data as standard. There's no change to prices so if you're 4G ready you can use it at no extra cost," said Giffgaff in an email.

After 2 September, there will be seven goodybags to choose from rather than nine - all of which will come with 4G data and tethering. They range from £5 to £20 with the most expensive getting you 'Always On' data. Some goodybags have been upgraded in data allowance and minutes (see image).

Always On data might sound odd as you probably leave your data connection on all the time, but on Giffgaff it means the first 6GB of data will be 4G and then access to unlimited data at a restricted speed from 8am until midnight.

"We have chosen a speed of 256 kilobits per second that allows members to still use regular data services whilst reducing demand on the network."

Note: If you don't have a 4G-enabled phone, you simply buy one of the new goodybags and carry on as normal. You will simply carry on using 3G. Anyone who activated a SIM card on or after 2 August will also have access to two 3G goodybags.

You might want to as the £12 option has 3GB of data rather than 2GB but will be available until March 2016 while the £20 goodybag is unlimited without restrictions. The £15 3G goodybag will be discontinued on 1 September.

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