Google CEO preaches 'mobile first'


The timing seems right for Schmidt's ascendancy to that mobile throne, but some observers did criticize his keynote for pushing too much on the big picture, even as they acknowledged the prominence of the mobile space, even recently, with MicrosoftMicrosoft 's new Windows Phone 7 Series announcement on Monday, and the announcement of the iPadiPad in January. Alles zu Microsoft auf Alles zu iPad auf

"I think it's interesting for Schmidt to say, 'mobile first,' but another way to think about that is that if everything and everyone is connected wirelessly, there's not enough spectrum to support that," Will Stofega, an analyst at IDC who is attending MWC, told Computerworld .

"A lot more build-out of wireless will be needed. Everyone loves to be mobile, but is there the technology to support it LTE doesn't help us in terms of capacity; it just sort of speeds things up. We need a re-arranging and rationalizing of how spectrum is used," he said.

"My response [to Schmidt] is that there's never enough mobile in our lifetime to support what you can theoretically get on fiber to the home," Stofega said. "That's just not going to happen. We need a clearing of the air in terms of what these mobile technologies actually deliver, not just theoretical numbers."

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