Google empowers Android Pay to handle in-app purchases

Android Pay may speed up your next impulse buy from your smartphone. That’s because Google’s mobile payment service can now handle in-app purchases.

This means you can pay for a Lyft car or an Instacart grocery order without the need to meticulously enter in your credit card data or save a profile of your card across 20 different services. Google says initial partners include OpenTable, Fancy, Jet, Instacart, and Lyft. You can view the full list in the Play Store.

You’ll see some discount offers from the partners, with Google touting $20 off on OpenTable dining, $10 off a Lyft ride, $10 off DoorDash and 30% off a Vinted order. There may be restrictions at checkout, so look for the details.

Developers can get in on the action with a new set of Android Pay APIs available. Additionally, Google says that Android Pay is coming to Australia in 2016, which could make your next overseas journey more pleasant.

Why this matters: Google’s work with Android Pay has a practical benefit for you: it’ll eliminate the frustration of entering 16 digit credit card numbers onto a small screen. As more companies link their rewards programs to Android Pay, you’ll be able to rack up points or take advantage of discounts because the information will be saved automatically. And retailers will like all that integration to more effectively market their stuff.


Derek Walter

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