Google Play Movies & TV app now helps you binge watch your favorite shows

Google Play Movies & TV will now sustain your binge-watching TV habits.

With the version 3.9 update, the app will politely offer to zip you on to the next episode as a TV show is wrapping up. Otherwise you’ll need to retreat to the episode list and choose the next one on your own.

I grabbed the APK and tried it out on an episode of Ghost Adventures (yes, I know ghosts aren’t real) but I didn’t see such a card. Perhaps you have to own the next episode, or the feature isn’t fully supported yet across all devices. It was a quick test, so perhaps your experience will differ.

Additionally, Play Movies & TV should easily connect with Roku devices. During a teardown and testing session, Android Police spotted the Nearby API at work, which means no need to enter a code to get Play Movies to talk to the streaming box. This could usher in a future where the app can automatically pair with other devices without a cumbersome setup process.

If you don’t want install the APK yourself, wait for the rollout to hit your device through the Play Store.

Why this matters: The binge-watching feature is the best new addition, as it matches how many people now watch television shows. With this new tool, you have to wonder if Google would ever be tempted to dabble into Netflix’s territory with some kind of streaming service of its own. It certainly has the content partners and technology, and already is in the music streaming space with Google Play Music. But Google would have to convince people to dump services they’ve come to rely on to carve out space in this market.


Derek Walter

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