Google publishes Calculator app to the Play Store with Android Wear support

One of Google’s primary weapons against fragmentation lately has been its push to let you update system apps directly through the Play Store. 

That strategy continues, as the Calculator app joins the ranks of the Clock and other apps like Gmail, Chrome, and other key Google services receiving updates directly through Google Play.

The major change is the addition of an Android Wear app. It works rather well—you type in the numbers in the main screen and then swipe to the left to access the operations.

There hasn’t been an APK published anywhere else besides the Play Store. So if you’re not able to trigger the update on your phone, head to the desktop version of Google Play and install the app from there. That worked for me, and I was able to start tapping away calculations on my Moto 360.

The story behind the story: Anyone who’s followed Android knows the platform is hopelessly fragmented. To ease your struggle, Google moved its apps directly from the Play Store, so you don’t have to wait months or longer to get the latest version of Chrome, Gmail, Drive, or other services. The other key weapon is Google Play Services, which contains many developer APIs and is updated directly by Google.


Derek Walter

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