Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app lands on iOS

Google Chrome has a lot of fancy features built-in or available through extensions. One of those awesome additions is Chrome Remote Desktop--but until this week, the feature was limited to computers running the Chrome browser itself or Android devices. Now, however, iOS users can get in on the remote desktop action as well.

Google recently rolled out a Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS that is compatible with any iPhone or iPad running iOS 7.0 or later. Although it will work on any Apple device, Google says the app is optimized for the iPhones 5, 6, and 6 Plus.

The impact on you at home: Chrome Remote Desktop is a free and easy way to get remote access to another computer. You can use it to access your own computers, which are tied to your Google account and protected by a six-digit pin. The app can also be used to gain access to another user's computer for a quick screen sharing session to provide (or receive) technical assistance.

Familiar, but slightly more functional

If you've ever used Remote Desktop on Android, the iOS app will be familiar; however, there are a few minor differences. On Android, you have to choose the Disconnect option from the app's menu when connected remotely, but on iOS there's a simple "X" hovering above the desktop to end a remote desktop session.

The iOS version also has a virtual mouse button to enable a more PC-like interface. Alternatively, you can just scroll around with your finger. As with the Android app, you also get an on-screen keyboard to call up and the option to view the remote desktop in full screen mode.


Ian Paul

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