Grabble - a Tinder app for fashionistas launches

The Grabble fashion app has been launched, which allows users to browse, save and purchase fashion items in one place.

Described as Tinder for fashion, the Grabble app allows users "to swipe through the very best of online fashion", according to the company's founders.

Every item that is swiped right is saved to your "Grabs on the go" collection. The sale alert function means that users are notified immediately when their Grabs go down in price to ensure a bargain is not missed.

The app is powered by the Grabble desktop site where the Grabble community Grabs thousands of fashion products from hundreds of sites every week to create an endless feed of fashion. The additional feature of the Grab button, placed on the bookmark bar, enables Grabbers to save all their favourite online fashion items from any other site onto Grabble as well.

This creates a community generated fashion platform, reducing the number of fashion bookmarks, baskets and tabs that are needed by shoppers. The free app is available for both iOS and Android phones.

The mobile app and desktop website are also synced, so anything Grabbed on one platform appears on the other to easily complete any purchases.

Daniel Murray, Grabble co-founder, said: "Consumers are now expecting convenience everywhere, so by offering them the ability to browse on the go and purchase at home with ease is something we are very excited about."


Antony Savvas

Zur Startseite