Griffin Technology’s new BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable saves you from flying MacBook syndrome

Apple touts its 12-inch MacBook as “the future of the notebook.” Curiously, it has a very retro power adapter that lacks a breakaway MagSafe power connector, like the one found in the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. So if you’re sitting in a coffee shop with the MacBook plugged in to a power outlet and someone trips over the power cable, there’s a very good chance your MacBook will go flying off your table.

Fortunately, Griffin Technology just released a product to make sure that never happens. The BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable is a six-foot power cable that has a two-piece connector that plugs into the MacBook. The two pieces are connected magnetically, and if you yank on the cable, the connector breaks apart. No more flying MacBook.

On the other end of the BreakSafe is a connector that plugs into the MacBook’s bundled power adapter, so it also acts as an extension.

The BreakSafe is $40 and will be available in April.

Griffin also announced several other USB-C products:


Roman Loyola

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