Honda's aims for 'collision-free society' are realised with new tech


Honda has also developed cloud and connected car technology to detect and inform drivers of imminent hazards.

Rear-view cameras, which will be offered as standard on all models, will allow the automated technology to analyse hazards and automatically change lanes without human intervention. All of these were available to test by guests at the conference.

The manufacturer took the opportunity to reveal its vehicle-to-bicycle and vehicle-to-motorcycle technology, which allows a smartphone or motorbike to monitor whether a collision is imminent, and warn surrounding connected cars.

"The creation and deployment of advanced, intelligent transportation systems represent the new frontier in the effort to one day eliminate traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities," said Frank Paluch, president of Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

"We will demonstrate our vision for realising Honda's dream of a collision-free society by showcasing our continued technological innovations in active safety, connected and automated vehicle technology."

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