How to Run a Microsoft-Free Shop

Von Scott Berinato
Was sagen die Vorsätze für das neue Jahr? Schluss mit dauerndem Virenbefall? Updates sind nicht zwangsläufig? Sparen bei der Software-Beschaffung? Eine Anleitung in zwölf Schritten verrät, wie sich die Abhängigkeit von Microsoft lösen lässt.

Quelle: CIO USA

Do you find that you're incapable of stopping upgrades? Do you spendmuch of your day patching security holes? Do you have a vague sensethat you're spending too much money on software? If you answered yesto any of those questions, you may have become overly dependent onMicrosoft. Here's a handy 12-step program to cure your condition.

STEP 1 We admitted we were powerless tomanage our Microsoft software.

Many CIOs feel they are in a double bind with MicrosoftMicrosoft products. Thesoftware itself seems always in need of security patches. The Windows2000 server, for example, currently has 154 files available fordownload at, nearly half of which are security updates. Alles zu Microsoft auf

Windows XP makes things worse. The product's new subscriptionlicensing model has raised the ire of many executives because theyfeel it forces them into frequent upgrades in order to get theirmoney's worth. But in a recent CIO survey, a majority (65 percent)admitted they weren't considering any alternatives. "A lot of us willjust cry foul but then pony up," says one CIO.

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