HP K3510 keyboard review: All the essentials at an attractive price

The most basic and affordable keyboard we’ve seen lately is the $30 HP K3510. Like the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth keyboard, the K3510’s keys fit together, row after row, without demarcations. However, it didn’t take long to familiarize my fingers with the more condensed layout.

The K3510 delivers a brisk typing experience. I liked the keyboard’s slim shape and the chiclet-style keys’ depth of travel. The keys sport a slightly textured, lacquer-like surface that HP calls “piano black.” Compared to regular keys with a smooth finish, the K3510’s keys provided a subtle sense of traction. 

Built into the K3510’s underside is a horizontal ledge or ridge, which houses the pair of AAA batteries. This ledge raises the keyboard slightly. The unit does not have legs to tilt the keyboard any higher, though.

The keyboard houses eight hotkeys, including the usual suspects: Volume, Mute, Play/Pause (for music), along with Forward- and Back-tracking. You won’t find Internet-related or power management keys. However, HP offers two unique and refreshing ones: a Print key and a Paste key. Sure, I could press Control-P and Control-V, but I like the convenience of these dedicated keys—I just had to look down to locate them.

Compared to the other keyboards here, the K3510 feels a bit rudimentary. But Windows essentials are covered at an attractive price, and with a space-saving design.


Aoife M. McEvoy

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