Humans versus machines: Who will be employed in future

Are we heading towards a world where humans will have to compete with machines Futurist Ross Dawson addressed this concern at the Australian Computer Society's YITCon event in Melbourne this week, and spoke about how to stay ahead of the game when it comes to jobs in the future.

"Robots and artificial intelligence are getting better and better over time. So we have robot vacuum cleaners, we have robot dish washers... [robots] being able to fold the laundry. Now this happens to be quite expensive machines... but we can have household robots do these kinds of tasks," said Dawson

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"Drivers are being challenged. Drivers may not exist. Mercedes just announced they have a semi-trailer, a big truck, which is going to drive around without a driver driving it."

More knowledge tasks are also being handed over to machines, he said. He used the example of IBMIBM's Watson supercomputer assisting doctors by looking through hundreds of thousands of documents and data to come up with a suggested diagnosis to complex diseases such as cancer. Alles zu IBM auf

There is the risk that in 'outsourcing' to machines over time humans lose certain capabilities and will be unable to do some tasks manually if they ever need to in the future, Dawson said.

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