Identity and Access Management


The ability to reduce costs remains an important requirement for all organisations. There is a danger that without an integrated security infrastructure then the standalone security solutions will proliferate in each application silo. Whilst Identity ManagementIdentity Management provides the required security, it is the Access Management functionality that can supply the necessary Return On Investment (ROIROI) and enable the justification of the project. Just as the employees provide the value to the organisation, it is identity capability that can add value to the security infrastructure. Alles zu Identity Management auf Alles zu ROI auf

Technology Issues

A personalised portal interface, taking into account the current context and device type, is seen as the most likely way for the majority of users to interact with an organisation. In this environment any Identity and Access Management solution should be able to interact with portal technology. Flexibility is another important attribute, with the capacity to interoperate with many different platforms and applications for particular significance.

The automation, workflow, self-service, and delegation features of Identity and Access Management solutions enable the organisation to keep up with the ever-changing business environment and the growing number of users that need access to enterprise services - no matter how quickly the organisation is required to adapt to new conditions.

Many vendors claim to offer an end-to-end Identity and Access Management solution, when in reality, they can only offer part of this. IBMIBM Tivoli, Oblix, and RSA SecuritySecurity were vendors found by Butler Group to offer products that most closely meet the requirements of a total solution, including a full feature set, and strong capability in the areas of flexibility, management, standards, deployment, and future vision. Alles zu IBM auf Alles zu Security auf

A security framework, containing this Identity and Access Management functionality, is capable of bringing together the disparate security services into one shared platform for user identity and access control, allowing one infrastructure to be developed to meet all the security requirements of the organisation. Competitive advantage can be gained from the lower cost of operation, and the ability to deploy new services without adding to the security overhead.

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