Identity and Access Management


Market Issues

The main protagonists in the IT market, such as MicrosoftMicrosoft, IBM, Computer Associates (CA), and Hewlett-Packard (HPHP), are continuing to develop an integrated Identity and Access Management solution to fit within their platform offerings, by either organic growth, acquisition, or partnership. Last year IBM acquired all the assets of Access360 to integrate into the Tivoli software portfolio, expanding the user lifecycle management, access control, privacy management, provisioning, and meta directories functionality. More recently, HP announced the proposed purchase of Baltimore's SelectAccess Web-based SSO software. HP is planning to incorporate the SelectAccess product within its OpenView adaptive management platform. Alles zu HP auf Alles zu Microsoft auf

Microsoft recently announced the availability of Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (MIIS). Within many organisations the use of directories has mushroomed. In order for a security framework to operate successfully there is a need to link different directories to provide a unified view of information. Microsoft is able to supply additional functionality outside the current scope of its offerings through product partners such as Oblix and OpenNetwork.

It is becoming increasingly unacceptable for Identity and Access Management software vendors to say they are only focused on enterprise system security and access. Butler Group believes the business of the future will be enmeshed with the Internet, and even internal users will use the Web as a communication channel. An Identity and Access management solution must be able to cater for multiple access channels.

The overall market size for Identity and Access Management solutions remains relatively small, probably due to the early adopter phase in the market lifecycle, and the immature standards in this area, along with the perceived difficulty in implementing this technology in an already complex IT environment. Industry standards are now emerging which will enable a much less painful deployment experience. Butler Group believes that over the next two years everyone will need to have a strategy in place to evolve to a security architecture including federated identity and better access management.

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