IDF 2014: Developers must address security and privacy concerns as IoT grows


"There are tremendous opportunities for developers - making us more efficient, making us safer, and allowing us to learn faster as we gain access to all of this information."

Sparking innovation

Intel cited a number of innovative IoT projects where its range of processors and gateway products have been applied. This included a project to monitor endangered rhinos through the use of Quark SOCs, 3G connectivity, and Intel Galileo computing boards attached via Kevlar ankle bracelets. Davis also highlighted a system developed by start-up SteadyServ to alert restaurant staff when a beer keg is empty, through a combination of embedded sensors and mobile apps.

Another example is Saia Trucking, which uses a telemetry software solution from Vnomics and Intel processors in vehicle cabs to support real-time analytics, helping to make its freight trucks safer and more efficient.

"By having such a powerful solution in the cab with the truck driver we have seen dramatic improvement in the fuel economy, with immediate feedback for the driver around progressive shifting," said Brian Balius, president for transportation at SAIA Trucking, adding that efficiencies meant the company was saving up to $15 million each year.

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