In-Memory Technology Speeds Up Data Analytics


In-memory Delivers Better Fraud Detection to USPS

The United States Postal Service, meanwhile, has made a similar decision when it comes to such tasks as detecting fraud and improving mail routing. USPS uses Silicon Graphics International hardware and Oracle TimesTen in-memory database software. The organization uses many instances of TimesTen, rather than a single image, to increase the parallelism of the data loads.

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Moving to in-memory technology eliminates significant disk management software overhead, storage fabric latency and the limitation of disk spindle speeds, according to the Postal Service.

"The main business benefits of in-memory databases are in their ability to provide very quick, near real-time, answers while looking across vast amounts of data," says Dan Houston Jr., manager of data management services at USPS, and Scot Atkins, product information specialist at USPS, in an email.

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