iNag for iPhone


This page shows each problem service categorized by host. If you tap on one of the entries here, you get taken to a detail screen for that service:

In this case, the problem with the ping service for that host resolved itself by the time I got to this screen. The nice thing with iNag is that it worked how I expected it to. Tapping on an item showed me more detail on that item if it was available.

iNag can also show you a list of all the hosts in Nagios, as shown on the right.

Notice that this only gives you the host status, not the status of any services on the host. This brings me to my second annoyance with iNag: No support for Nagios hostgroups. Nagios lets you create hostgroups to organize your hosts in. That let you apply services to groups, rather than individual computers. It's much easier to create an LDAP service check and add a "LDAP Servers" group once, then add multiple individual servers every time you create a new service. Hostgroups also aid in visually organizing things in Nagios. As you can see here, even though I only have 60 hosts, trying to see each one in the Hosts display is going to require a lot of flick-scrolling. Considering that a large Nagios install might have hundreds or even thousands of servers, the need for iNag to support hostgroups in the hosts display becomes apparent.

Services are somewhat better, in that they're organized by host (pictured right), but having each host's list of services be expandable/hide-able or supporting Nagios servicegroups would be a big help, usability-wise.

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