iNag for iPhone


I'd like an option to organize services by either service name or host. If I have ten Web servers, I'm more interested in the status of those services in one quick glance, than scrolling from server to server to look at one service on each. I'd also like to be able to refresh a view from either the Hosts or Services views, instead of just the Tactical and Event Log views.

iNag lets you view the Nagios event log, but just like iNag's tactical display doesn't show you real data until you refresh at least once, iNag's event log display is blank until you refresh at least once.

Here's a look at the display before you refresh:

And here's what it look like after you refresh:

None of the issues I have with iNag keep it from being useful and worth the money, but they just create annoyances that shouldn't be there. One other annoyance is that iNag doesn't allow you to remotely restart or halt Nagios, nor does it allow you to modify the settings for a given host

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