IOGEAR Quietus RF Desktop review: A mouse adds value to this high-quality keyboard

As the model name suggests, IOGEAR’S $39.95 ($26.89 on Amazon) Quietus RF Desktop (mouse included) aims to be used but not heard. Typing on this chiclet-style model is indeed pretty quiet—but not as quiet as other keyboards we’ve tried, such as Microsoft’s Designer Bluetooth keyboard.

The keys deliver terrific travel and a satisfying clicking sound. It didn’t matter whether I was typing lightly or pelting the keys, the Quietus responded in a way that I can only describe as snappy. Extending the legs gives the keyboard an extra lift, and this suited my preference.

The 12 hotkeys, including instant access to track management, volume handling, and sleep mode, were handy. One quibble: the overly discreet Caps-lock key. When you press it, the LED glows red and disappears. When you press again to unlock, the LED blinks several times and disappears. Call me persnickety, but I would prefer a continuous, solid light to confirm that Caps-lock is on.

The Quietus RF Desktop may be selling itself a bit short. Sure, it's mellow-toned, but it's also a well-made, nicely designed keyboard. It's a good deal for forty bucks (or less, depending on where you shop), especially when you get a wireless mouse, too.


Aoife M. McEvoy

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