iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending July 4

The tropical deluge Hurricane Arthur dumped on the U.S. East Coast was as nothing to the deluge of rumors dumped by the iOSphere, most of them dealing with parts.

Mockups were triumphantly presented as proof of at least a "rough idea" of the final iPhoneiPhone design. And then there were parts: both external and internal, though the really important questions about both went not only unanswered but unasked. Alles zu iPhone auf CIO.de

And a Reliable Source "confirmed" what almost everyone has known since September 10, 2013: that the iPhone 6 is probably going to be announced in September 2014.

You read it here second.___________

"Rumors and past release date info have thus far pointed towards a September launch date for the iPhone 6, which has now been confirmed by a reliable source that spoke to MacRumors."

~ Juli Clover, MacRumors, without giving even a hint of what "reliable" means in this context, especially given the fact that almost anyone who can count to 12 has been expecting a September announcement ever since last September.__________

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