Keurig meets Blue Apron in Cooki, the robot chef you won't believe is real

If you enjoy cooking, you’re gonna hate this product. It’s called Cooki, and it’s a Keurig-like machine with a robotic arm that cooks meals made from prepackaged ingredients from a delivery service, like Blue Apron or Plated.

I saw Cooki in action, and the whole thing is a little bizarre: You slot in the ingredient pods, then select the recipe you want to cook in the corresponding Cooki app. The app then proceeds to guide the machine through each step of the cooking process. I watched eggs fall into a pot on the machine’s induction cooktop, then the spinach, then cheese. The end result: scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese. It wasn’t fancy, and it didn’t look particularly appealing, but watching the robotic arm mix in each ingredient was incredibly cool.

Cooki won’t be ready to ship until next year, and it’ll cost you a steep $500. But if you want homemade meals made with fresh, not frozen, ingredients, and you don’t want to make those meals yourself, Cooki might be the solution you’re looking for.


Caitlin McGarry

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