Kill Windows Phone or risk dying, analyst tells Microsoft


"This purchase will enable Microsoft to better integrate hardware and software, in keeping with its strategy to deliver devices and services across multiple form factors," added Charles Golvin of Forrester Research in a note to clients. "Committing to a vertically integrated approach to smartphones is a logical step in line with Microsoft's stated new strategy."

So said researcher IDC, too. "IDC believes that the deal fits into Microsoft's new and broader strategy articulated by Mr. Ballmer in July. This post-PC strategy has shaped Microsoft's latest reorganization and the Nokia transaction provides the first glimpse of the new Microsoft in action," wrote analyst William Stofega in a client note.

Not surprisingly, Thompson didn't agree with the consensus opinion -- that Microsoft's move was necessary, rational in the light of its expressed strategy and ultimately correct.

"Microsoft ought to have their entire weight behind protecting their business turf and winning in the cloud and premium consumer services," said Thompson. "Clearly, Microsoft can't let go of their OS fixation. I think their Internet Explorer victory in the '90s has fooled them into thinking they have a chance today. The problem is that Web pages, theoretically, work anywhere; apps don't."

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