Lanco adopts cloud-based URL and security service

In order to keep employees from accessing inappropriate , Lanco International used to enter the URLs of some banned sites into its Internet Security and Acceleration server filters, but that was a cumbersome process that didn't nearly cover the vast number of inappropriate sites.

The Hazel Crest, Ill., heavy-equipment company lacked tools to centrally filter Web sites and to impose gateway security measures such as antivirus and antispyware software.

The company's MIS director read about services that could address these needs and settled on a cloud-based security service from that locks out entire categories of inappropriate Web sites as well as filtering traffic for viruses and other malware, says Jerry Wasowski, the MIS director. "It allows us to make sure our bandwidth is being used primarily for business transactional activity," Wasowski says.

The URL-filtering service applies policies only to outbound Internet traffic and its antimalware services can eliminate the need for multiple single-function devices at the edge of corporate networks, such as gateway security appliances, he says.

In addition to the MicrosoftMicrosoft ISA-server method being cumbersome, it set a single universal policy, which wasn't appropriate for the business, Wasowski says. "The Zscaler lets you get more granular,” he says. "We can go down to a group level or even an individual level and identify what access a group or an individual needs to have. The marketing department may have some specific need to hit some sites that we aren't going to make available to the enterprise." Alles zu Microsoft auf

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