LG G5 pre-orders start to ship ahead of April 1 launch date

It might be Christmas in March if you pre-ordered the LG G5.

Several buyers are reporting via Reddit and elsewhere they’ve been served notice that LG’s latest flagship is on the way to their doorstep, which might put it in hands before the official April 1 launch date.

The bulk of pre-order comments are from those with AT&T and T-Mobile, but some Verizon and Sprint customers have chimed in also. You can always hop into a local store when the phone goes for sale or head online to avoid those launch day blues.

Why this matters: The G5 looks to be the company’s most innovative phone yet, with swappable modules that let you throw in a fresh battery or a grip to the back of the phone for better photographs. The company has indicated a big push to get developer support, so it may not be just a one-off gimmick. We’ve benchmarked and scored some initial impressions of the G5, but stay tuned for a full review.


Derek Walter

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