Meet the 7 apps that will give your amateur Instagrams professional gloss



Let's get this out of the way: VSCO Cam is the app that professionals prefer. VSCO makes top-notch photo-editing software, and its app brings that level of gloss to your amateur iPhoneiPhone and AndroidAndroid shots. Like Instagram, VSCO Cam offers filters and strengthening sliders for everything from saturation to warmth. But (sorry, Instagram) VSCO Cam's presets are above and beyond Kelvin and Nashville--plus, you can buy themed filter packs to round out your options. The collections are artistic instead of cheesy: See "Analog Classic" or "Faded & Moody." If you want your photos to look ripped straight out of a back issue of National Geographic (or Vogue), VSCO Cam is your best bet. Alles zu Android auf Alles zu iPhone auf


To make your photos look especially cinematic, you need Whitagram. The app adds a white letterbox to your landscape and portrait photos. It sounds almost stupidly simple, but if you've ever watched a classic movie and appreciated the detail you see in frames with proper ratios, you know how much better letterboxed images can look. The same goes for Instagram: When you choose your square crop, you lose a chunk of your image. Whitagram makes your photo square by filling in the background with white, so you don't lose a thing. It's a basic service, but a necessary one.


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