Midomi Music Identifier and Search for iPhone

Few things are as maddening as hearing a song on the radio and not being able to recall the name of the artist or the title of the track itself. Fortunately, the App Store has several options that put the answer to such nagging questions right in your pocket. One such app is the well-regarded , which can identify music tracks playing anywhere near your iPhone. from pulls off the same feat, only with a few more tools than Shazam has at its disposal.

uses the Sound2Sound search engine to accurately identify music. It can listen to a song being played on the radio and recognize it, just like Shazam. But it can also identify songs that you sing or hum. In addition, you can also just speak a song's title or an artist's name into the iPhoneiPhone's built-in mic and Midomi will find it. (iPod touch users can tap into these features as well, provided they've got an external microphone on hand.) The app also includes a text field where you can type to search. Alles zu iPhone auf CIO.de

No Internet connection No problem--your search will be saved and marked as pending under the history tab until you can connect with a network again. Midomi lets you bookmark your searches and share the songs you find through TwitterTwitter, FacebookFacebook, or e-mail. Alles zu Facebook auf CIO.de Alles zu Twitter auf CIO.de

Once Midomi has identified a song, it brings up a plethora of information. The song title and artist name appears at the top of the screen, along with a 30-second preview clip and a quick link to download it through iTunes on the fly. Just below that, you'll find several links to YouTube, where you can watch music videos from within the app. Midomi's results page also features a tab that will launch a GoogleGoogle search for the song's lyrics--a great way to end arguments or just find out what the words to a song are. Alles zu Google auf CIO.de

If you're still hungry for more info, there's even artist and album info tabs. Tapping the artist info tab will bring up photos, top songs, a discography listing all of that artist's albums, similar artists, and even a biography. The album info tab gives you access to an album review along with an ordered track list of all the songs on the album, complete with 30-second previews.

Midomi has a simple and attractive interface, making the app easy to use right out of the box. The accuracy with which it identifies songs is truly impressive. Even with relatively obscure songs, Midomi nailed it every time in my tests, even doing a fairly good job interpreting my horrible attempts at singing a song.

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