Mirrativ: Live streaming to the max

This could be huge! And it’s a simple idea: Enable live streaming of what’s on your Android or iOS device along with the view from one of your device’s cameras. That’s it. No PC or anything else is needed to mediate the service, just a direct feed from your device to your legions of fans. What will you be able to stream Anything; the game of “Lara Croft: Relic Run” you’re playing, the Skype chat you’re having with President Obama, or the First Person View you’re seeing while you’re drone racing along with the view from your camera if you wish.

The app is called Mirrativ and you can think of it as Twitch crossed with Meerkat or Periscope. The publisher, DeNA, lists the app’s features as:

Currently in beta and only for Android (Android 5.0+ required for broadcasting, can be viewed on Android 4.1+).  Mirrativ will be available on iOS in the near future. 


Mark Gibbs

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