Mobile Business and Technology 2002 Conference


With the rise in cyber crime, it seems the most paranoid will ultimately be the most secure. But is this really where we want mobile technology to be taking us? With networks including so many doors and so many locks, when do safeguards become restrictions? Are the safeguards enough? Will security concerns restrict technology? The answer to this and other issues will only be found in Copenhagen.

Now in its third year, our 2002 Mobile Business conference will help you re-define your mobile strategy and also implement short-term plans to deliver immediate value. The conference covers everything from short and long term tactical decision making, to employee and consumer mobility, market dynamics to wireless technology futures. Only Gartner can give you the complete picture.

Keynote speaker: Hear from keynote speaker Marc Goodman who has extensive international experience on matters relating to cyber crime and information security. He has recently worked with Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organisation in Lyon, on their programme "Criminal Threats to Electronic Commerce."

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