Nevales CEO: Our Target is 1 million Indian SMBs in the Next Five Years

In an exclusive interaction, Ravishankar, CEO & Co-Founder, Nevales Networks speaks about the company's value proposition as the defacto managed service provider for SMBs in India. The Indian company is sure about the success of their 'Cloud' model. Is it a big business opportunity for channel partners

CW: What are the instant opportunities and possible roadblocks in India for a new entity like Nevales Networks

We see only opportunity. We offer technology which is much more powerful than what has been available in the market so far. Being a managed services company, we can sell good technology, and also manage it effectively for the customers. Being an Indian company, we manage the IT infrastructure from the cloud, which is taken care of in a highly secured datacenter within Indian shores. In India, we see Nevales as a trusted technology provider for SMBs for cloud-based services. We foresee an opportunity of atleast 1 million customers in the next 5 years.

CW: But cloud still remains a buzz word though majority of tech vendors are bullish on it. Will cloud rain money for your company

In India, the adoption curve of cloud computing is really big. Basic services such as email, messaging, and communication are increasingly deployed on the cloud today, and hence, it is incorrect to say that the cloud is under-utilized. Apps, which are predominantly 'business to consumer', will move towards a 'business to business' model on the cloud. Today, it's just email and storage, but tomorrow, it would be HR, accounting and other apps on the cloud. There are more than 100 million users, who use mail services--including office email--on the cloud.

CW: Fortinet, Sonicwall, and other vendors too pursue a 'managed security' model on the cloud. What makes you different from the competition

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