New Apple TV hardware coming this summer, report says

Apple is reportedly prepping a new Apple TV set-top box for this summer, with Siri, the App Store, and home automation as centerpieces.

The report comes from BuzzFeed's John Paczkowski, who has a highly reliable track record with Apple rumors. Paczkowski's unnamed sources say Apple will show off the new hardware at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and will release a software development kit for a TV-friendly version of the App Store.

The hardware itself could be a "significant overhaul," possibly with Apple's latest A8 system-on-chip and much more storage than the current Apple TV's 8GB. The operating system will get a revamp as well, allowing for Siri voice commands and remote control of HomeKit-enabled smart home products.

There's no word on price, or how many of the new features will trickle down to the current Apple TV, which now costs $69. Paczkowski's report also doesn't mention gaming, despite previous rumors that a future Apple TV might double as a lightweight game console.

If you need help deciding whether to buy a current Apple TV, check out our recent guide to the pros and cons. Assuming Paczkowski's report is accurate, "fear of obsolescence" is now a slightly bigger consideration.

Why this matters: Rumors of a new Apple TV have circulated since last year, but Apple may have wanted to hold off until it had enough new features to bring along. With the establishment of HomeKit, the arrival of HBO Now, and whispers of a full-blown Apple streaming video service, Apple may finally feel that the timing is right to revamp its living room hardware.


Jared Newman

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