Nexus 5X now starts at $349 after Google slashes price by $30

The siren call of a new Nexus device may be harder to resist. Google slashed the starting price for its no-frills Nexus 5X, which means the 16GB model is $349 and the 32GB edition costs $399.

The price reduction is permanent, so you don’t necessarily need to rush over to the Google Store just yet. Our review found it to be an excellent, stock Android experience with a phone that’s much easier to hold in one hand than the Nexus 6P or other large-screen smartphones.

If you’ve been tempted to enter the land of pure Google, this could be the time to give in. Rapid Android updates give the Nexus an edge over the OnePlus 2 or Moto X Pure Edition, which have similar price points (the Moto X is now $50 more than the entry Nexus 5X) but don’t get the same type of white glove treatment when it comes to the most updated versions of Android.

Why this matters: It’s hard to tell if Google wants to just move some more inventory or thinks it needs to make the price more competitive with a slew of low-cost phones out there. Either way it’s hard to quibble with the offer. Keep in mind that Google also throws in free ground shipping on all orders, so no offense if you stop reading now, grab your credit card, and launch a new tab straight to the Google Store.


Derek Walter

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