Nintendo Wii U on sale Nov. 18; what you need to know

Nintendo's gaming console hits store shelves in the United States on Sunday, , and the new console is already garnering criticism for missing some key features Nintendo promised.

TVii, a social and interactive TV programming guide won't ship until December, and video-streaming apps for AmazonAmazon on Demand, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and YouTube also are no shows at launch. And if you're planning on storing a lot of data on your brand new Wii such as games and other digital content, you'd better opt for buying the top-end model or invest in some dedicated external hard drives. Alles zu Amazon auf

Wii U basics

The Wii U will still be sold in two models, basic and deluxe. The $300 basic model features 8GB of storage and the $350 deluxe model has 32GB.

Despite criticisms, the Wii U is already generating excitement among gamers, critics, and analysts. Best Buy plans midnight release events at its locations across the U.S., and some prospective Wii U owners are already lining up at the Nintendo World store in New York City, CNET reports.

If you're planning to get a Wii U this holiday season, you may want to buy one sooner rather than later. Market research firm IHS Screen Digest expects Nintendo to sell 3.5 million Wii U consoles worldwide by the end of December, and the demand will result in supply shortages during the holiday season. In late October, Nintendo said it expected to have Wii U supply problems during the holidays.

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