Pizza Hut puts big data on the menu

Pizza Hut will use APT software to analyse capital investment, pricing, promotion, marketing and operations data as part of its trendy refurbishment.

The restaurant chain, which employs 8,000 people, will use the cloud-based Test & Learn and Menu Analyser software to test out new ideas and quantify how successful its recent refurbishment to appeal to a wider audience has been.

It recently announced a makeover of some of its London restaurants, including cocktail bars and a new menu.

"Understanding the profit impact of every action taken is crucial in the restaurant industry where small changes can often impact guest loyalty and overall profitability," managing director Henry Birts said.

Andy Platt, strategy director at what claims to be the UK's largest pizza chain, added: "We are building a menu with new items to drive and enhance the guest experience, but we also need to ensure that the items we add will build our profitability and drive business performance."

The chain is no strangers to technology. It recently trialled interactive menus that let customers order with their minds. By tracking eye movements when ingredients pop up on a screen, the app promised to make a decision based on your subconscious pizza desires "within 2.5 seconds".

Other restaurants using the data analysis software include Costa, SUBWAY and Starbuck's.


Margi Murphy

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