Podcasts come to Apple TV with tvOS 9.1.1 update, addressing a known gripe

Podcast fans, your wait for an Apple TV version of Apple’s Podcasts app is finally over. While the official Podcasts app was included in the developer beta of tvOS 9.2, on Monday Apple released it to the public as part of a tvOS 9.1.1 update for the new fourth-gen Apple TV.

To get the update, navigate to the Settings app on your home screen, then select System, and Software Updates. There’s still no way to back up your apps and settings before updating the tvOS software, so just cross your fingers! (We’ve had smooth updating so far, but let us know in the comments if you run into problems.)

Why this matters: Since the new Apple TV launched at the end of October, Apple has been busily filling the gaps that users have been griping about. No Podcasts app was one of those gripes, as well as lack of support for the Remote app, which was added in early December. We’re still waiting for a brand-new Apple TV-controlling app for iPhones, as well as support for connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to the new Apple TV for ease of entering passwords. The latter feature is currently in developer beta as part of tvOS 9.2, which users should get soon.


Susie Ochs

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