Puppet unveils Windows Microsoft SQL Server module

Automation software company Puppet Labs has launched a range of new products to manage Windows environments.

The new Puppet Supported Microsoft SQL Server module, which enables admins to quickly deploy, configure and manage Microsoft SQL, is available to enterprise customers late this month.

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This builds on Puppet Labs' Windows support, including native .MSI packages for x32 and x64 operating systems, modules to extend common Windows server management tools, including Powershell, and integrations with Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio.

By automating common Windows administration tasks, Puppet Labs is enabling users to adopt DevOps practices, thereby reducing the time needed to deploy applications from weeks to hours.

The new Puppet Supported Microsoft SQL Server module installs and provides ongoing management of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and 2014.

Replacing error-prone, manual processes, administrators can automate the installation of multiple MS SQL instances to enable rapid deployment of test and production environments.

The module pack enables users to install all of its supported and approved modules for Windows and their dependencies with a single command.

Puppet Labs chief information officer, Nigel Kersten, said he beleived that everyone should have access to great tools to manage their infrastructure, no matter what technology stack they run.

"Puppet Enterprise not only provides excellent support for managing Windows environments, it also enables Windows admins to support DevOps practices," he said.

"Our new Microsoft SQL Server module and Windows module pack further demonstrates our commitment to simplifying operations for Windows admins."


Brian Karlovsky

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