Samsung Galaxy View is a behemoth, 18.4-inch tablet with AT&T LTE support

Samsung will see your iPad Pro and raise you a Galaxy View.

The supersized tablet with an 18.4-inch screen just cleared the FCC database, and is branded for launch on AT&T

It’s not the first we’ve heard of such a device. Samsung teased it during the announcement of its Gear S2 smartwatch and it’s been the subject of numerous leaks. You can check out what Samsung showed off at about the 21 minute mark in the video.

The screen may be bigger than anything out there, but the specs are more modest. For example, GFXBench leaked these details a while back, and it shows a mere 1080p display. Noted leaker evleaks tweeted that the GFXBench specs are accurate, and the tablet has a 5,700mAh battery. For such a huge tablet, that's not a lot.

Additionally, the FCC documents detail a total measurement of 17.5 inches by 10.7 inches. The tablet has stereo speakers on the back and of course an LTE radio with support for AT&T's LTE bands.

If you want to dig through the details yourself, head over to the FCC database.

Why this matters: Samsung has been a leader in big gear: it pioneered the phablet category with the Galaxy Note series, pushing the industry to build bigger phones. It also had a 10-inch tablet long before Apple jumped into the giant slate space with its new iPad Pro. Yet a tablet that’s bigger than a lot of small children may be too much for the majority of consumers out there. Yet that will never stop Samsung from trying to sell gear in a new category.


Derek Walter

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