Shell developing oil production tools with SAP Hana

Shell is developing a new well and reservoir facility management (WRFM) tool with SAP Hana, it announced yesterday.

The petrol giant, which is active in over 70 countries, is collaborating with SAPSAP to enhance the performance of its existing SAP applications for well and reservoir reviews that will speed up oil production while using Shell's resources more efficiently. Alles zu SAP auf

The WRFM application will bring data from over 20 "data sources" that will assist with well planning and maintenance in Shell's Hana platform, speeds up processes and analytic applications, powered by an SAP Hana database, it announced this morning.

Using BusinessObjects Design Studio, Shell and SAP developers will build an intuitive HTML5-based front-end. Applications will include asset hierarchy, mapping tools for geospatial navigation and improved charting of the land inside and surrounding wells and reservoirs as well as "dynamic report sets".

Shell signed a long-term contract with SAP to bring SAP Hana data analytics in the cloud in June. The contract is an extension of SAP's long term loyalty to the vendor and will last through to 2020.

SAP has placed a team of its experts into the Shell organisation to extend value from its current SAP environment. Which Shell said will allow it to reduce total cost of ownership.


Margi Murphy

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