Showtime debuts a la carte streaming for $11 on Apple TV and iOS

Apple TV owners, today you can subscribe to Showtime, no cable subscription required.

The Showtime Apple TV channel is rolling out today, and so is a new Showtime app for iOS. You have to pony up $11 a month to subscribe, but Showtime is offering a free month if you want to take the service for a spin before signing up (and catch the season premiere of Ray Donovan on Sunday).

Showtime isn't exclusive to Apple TV--the channel will also be available to Roku and PlayStation Vue users later this week, too. Hulu users can tack on a Showtime subscription for an additional $9 a month (on top of the $8-per-month Hulu subscription).

Why this matters: Showtime isn't the first premium network to untether itself from cable. HBO debuted its $15-a-month HBO Now Apple TV channel and iOS app in April, and has reportedly already racked up more than a million subscribers. Now that Showtime is on board, cord-cutters have hope that a la carte will soon become the new norm.


Caitlin McGarry

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