Smart lighting products from Holi help you party harder and then sleep sounder

French lighting manufacturer Holi showed off its smart lighting solutions at CES this week. The company's SmartLamp is designed to transform a room's décor with colored lighting that can be synchronized with music--just the ticket for a home dance party--while its SleepCompanion light bulb helps you get a more restful night's sleep.

The SleepCompanion smart light bulb and smartphone app adjusts to the time of day in order to align itself with your circadian rhythm. By mimicking sunset and sunrise, the SleepCompanion is designed to prepare your body to fall asleep and then wake up more naturally. For example, if you set your alarm for 7:00 AM, the SleepCompanion will begin to get brighter starting about a half hour before that time and will reach its full brightness when it's time for you to wake up.

The technology behind the SleepCompanion was originally tested by NASA to help astronauts have more regular sleep patterns while living aboard the International Space Station. The SleepCompanion can also pair with fitness devices from Jawbone and FitBit to provide recommendations for improving your quality of sleep. The SleepCompanion app and connected lightbulb are available online for $99 or two for $169.

Also on display at Holi's booth: SleepCompanion's party-animal cousin, the SmartLamp. The SmartLamp looks more like a picture frame than a lamp, but it emits an array of colored light that can be synchronized with music. For electronic dance music, for example, the lights will change their colors in sync with the bass-y beat. If you're not in a partying mood, you can also directly control the SmartLamp using its accompanying smartphone app, or rely on the app's suggestion based on your mood or even the time of year--including various holiday seasons.

Like the SleepCompanion, Holi's SmartLamp can also help you fall asleep and gently wake you with gradual lighting changes. The SmartLamp/app duo sells for $219 at Holi's online store.

The impact on you:  Sleep hacking is becoming a thing (check out this slideshow for six other high-tech sleep-aids we saw at CES). And with the rise of the Internet of Things, we're sure to see more manufacturers collaborating to improve our sleep, with the recent announcement from Jawbone and Big Ass Fans being just one example.


Chanelle Bessette

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