Social sources with CRM can be useful sales tool: Ovum

For years, customer service and sales people have been using customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to mine valuable customer information to better serve their customers or help develop sales leads.

Unfortunately, a newly published report reveals that not all the pertinent business information needed by businesses can be found in those CRMCRM solutions. Alles zu CRM auf

According to a newly published report, using social search and analytics can help account managers and sales executives find the information they need which they cannot find from other CRM platforms.

The report, titled 'Social Search & Analytics', takes off from a report by Trampoline Systems -- a company specialising in business social analytics -- which says that only 25 per cent of information found in CRMs are useful for account managers and sales executives. Other pertinent information, such as business contacts and customer prospects, can be found from other sources, such as the social networks and Internet search.

Ovum, a UK-based research and consultancy firm, and publisher of the report, said companies should take advantage of the search features of the Internet and analytical tools to generate the information they need.

The 'social Web'

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