Software asset management tech saves hedge fund £2.3m


Man purchased 6,000 licenses for Snow License Manager and awarded Snow's partner Softcat the deployment job.

Man's Snow software spans the time a user requests new software, applies daily compliance checks, prepares budgetary figures for procurement negotiations with vendors, and re-harvests surplus licenses. It can also help the service desk retire an asset.

Datacentre savings with VMware

In addition to desktop licensing, Man has cut costs in the datacentre. "We renewed our three-year VMware agreement last year and used Snow to ensure we purchased the optimal set of licenses. Without this data it would have taken a lot of manual effort to get a basic understanding of usage and we may have over-bought to ensure compliance."

Additionally, Man is testing Snow's Oracle Management Option. Duffy said: "Man's Oracle estate is fluid and time consuming to manage, with a large number of changes across 400 servers.

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